Governor of the Irkutsk Region: the path of the builder to power

The governor of the Irkutsk Region, Sergei Levchenko, is one of the old-school government figures; he began his political career in the days of the USSR, having worked in the party apparatus and even managed the district. Unlike many of his colleagues, he had a serious professional career, he went from master to chief engineer, supervised large construction projects

Manuel Noriega: biography, overthrow and judgment

Drug lord, CIA agent, ruler of Panama - the biography of Manuel Noriega includes all of the items listed. The very life of the former leader of this country is simply shrouded in secrets - even now, after his death, it is impossible to say exactly about everything that he managed to do. The current president of Panama, Juan Varela, explicitly admitted that his death marked the end of an entire chapter in the country's history

Andrey Ilyenko is one of the most ardent nationalists of Ukraine

Andrei Ilyenko is a famous Ukrainian political figure and deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. He is also a member of the All-Ukrainian organization Svoboda, whose position is supported in any political battle. In his views he adheres to the ideas of national socialism, for which he was repeatedly subjected to harsh criticism

Does Russia need a national guard and what role will it play?

In the American news often slip messages about the next successful use of the National Guard. Apparently, the success of overseas guardsmen can explain the fact that in Russia can be created its own national guard. Before we comment on the fact of such an event, we need to talk about this education as a whole

Anatoly Lokot: biography, family, photo

In Russia, since 2000, there has been a trend that any appointment, and even more so the election to a government leadership position, is an event of a federal scale. Deputies elected to representative bodies and not having real power are only available for parties competing with the “main” United Russia. Th

Where does Putin live? Where do the daughters of Putin live?

The life of people burdened with universal attention is full of difficulties. Everyone wants to look behind the dense curtains, covering their everyday life from others. And if the stars of show business are accustomed to this, even striving, then a different matter is politics. Their activity, of course, is connected with publicity

The story of a girl who planned her escape a whole year.

Shahad al-Mohammed is one of the few women who managed to escape from her family in Saudi Arabia. The girl shared the difficulties that she encountered on the way, and also spoke about the tracking system, thanks to which most of the runaways quickly manage to return. Escape night Shahad al-Mohammed woke up at midnight in a hotel room in Trabzon

Politician Kovpak Lev Igorevich

Kovpak Lev Igorevich, a well-known politician in Yekaterinburg, is currently a Deputy of the State Duma. He assumed this position at the beginning of October 2016. Biography In the city of Pervouralsk on October 23, 1978, Kovpak Lev Igorevich was born into an ordinary working-class family. The biography of the deputy is quite interesting

Neighbors of Russia of the first and second orders. Neighboring states of Russia from the north, east, south and west

At different times, Russia's neighbors were different. The largest country in the world has the largest number of states bordering it: 18 countries — poor and rich, weak and powerful, friendly and not so rich. Unlike each other The total length of the border with them is close to 70 thousand kilometers.

Symbols of presidential power: description, history, interesting facts

The President of Russia, as the highest governing person of the country, in accordance with the rules has its own symbols of presidential power. Depending on the country, they may slightly change, but their transfer at the time of the inauguration of the new president is mandatory, otherwise the power is simply not transferred

The main security service of Ukraine is the SBU

Absolutely in every country there is a service, and, to be more precise, law enforcement agencies, whose direct responsibility is to ensure the security of this country. Most often, the purpose of such bodies are divided into many subspecies. In this article we will discuss what constitutes one of these organizations

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Way to success

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, most recently was a simple girl building relationships with a member of the royal family of Great Britain, the eldest son of Lady Dee - William. And the whole world saw how from Cinderella she became almost a real princess. One would like to say that they lived happily ever after

What is a rule of law - a simple answer to a difficult question

What is a legal state? This question was asked by philosophers and jurists of different nationalities and eras, withdrawing step by step its distinctive features and methods of functioning. And today, a whole theory has been derived that allows us to consider this kind of functioning of society and put it into practice

Communist Party of Social Justice: History, Program, Leaders

The role of political parties in the formation of a civil society has been repeatedly discussed. To increase competition in this area, amendments to the regulatory act were adopted, which simplified the process of registering factions wishing to ultimately participate in lawmaking. All this led to the fact that in our country the number of the above associations, the so-called novices in politics, has increased dramatically

What is the coat of arms of Magadan?

Emblem. How proudly this word sounds. But in general, what does it mean and symbolize? Initially, a coat of arms was understood as a sign that was passed from generation to generation as a family. It usually depicts the owners or the distinctive features of the family (coins, gold, weapons). Now the word "emblem" has a different meaning

Philip, Duke of Edinburgh: biography, photos and personal life

The whole world is closely watching the life of Elizabeth II, the Queen of Great Britain. Arouses genuine interest and her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. In the United Kingdom, he is highly respected. Ashley Walton, a biographer, called Philip the "national treasure" of Great Britain

Borisov Egor Afanasyevich, head of the Republic of Sakha: biography, contacts

Borisov Egor Afanasyevich heads Yakutia for quite a long time. His name is associated with the achievements of this region and scandals. Any leader of this order attracts public attention. Let's see who Borisov Egor Afanasyevich is, how the Yakuts live under his leadership. In 2004, this person became known to the general public due to the disappearance from the budget of many billions of rubles

Republican - who is this? Republican parties of America and Russia

Have you noticed that in many countries the term "Republican" is constantly on the ear. This is primarily due to the fact that the so-called members of one of the ruling parties of the United States. And, although it is not for us to write politics, undoubtedly, a cultured person should understand such issues

Veniamin Kondratyev, Governor of the Krasnodar Territory: biography, personal life

Undoubtedly, for the majority of the inhabitants of Kuban, the news that their “long-liver” governor, Alexander Tkachev, leaves the responsible post, came as a complete surprise. At the same time, the Kremlin’s power in the person of the president did not appoint a successor to lead the Krasnodar Territory from the Varangians, opting for a man who was Tkachev’s closest aide. And de

Ayatollah Khamenei - Iranian statesman: biography, family, career

Seyyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei is the 3rd President (1981-1989) and the Supreme Leader (from 1989 to this day) of Iran. He is the closest associate of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) - Imam Ruhollah Khomeini. He was awarded the title of Ayatollah, which allows you to independently make changes in Islamic law

The aircraft of the President of the United States: a review, description, characteristics and interesting facts

The aircraft of the President of the United States is a bright symbol of the United States in general and the office of the first person in particular. Whenever the head of state goes abroad or around the country, he is provided with a high-tech and luxurious airbus. On September 11, a memorable day, George W

Anwar Sadat - President of Egypt (1970-1981): biography, domestic policy, death, interesting facts

For many generations of Soviet people, it became a symbol of betrayal, Arab socialists opposed it, and Islamic radicals killed. Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, faced with political reality, managed to step over his extreme anti-Semitism and concluded a peace treaty with Israel. He deservedly won the Nobel Peace Prize together with the Israeli Prime Minister

What is the role of politics in society? Examples Politics and Politics

In news programs and analytical materials we constantly hear about politics. She is present everywhere. Even people who are not at all interested in the problems of the world and the state will not hide from it anywhere. And what is the role of politics in society? Is it possible to do without it? Let's see

Yury Shutov: biography, personal life, family, books

The author of the acclaimed book "Sobchachye Heart" Yuri Titovich Shutov one seems to be a hero of our time, others consider him a villain and a criminal. A man was born in 1946, in the first spring month, and died in 2014. His hometown - Leningrad, later - St. Petersburg. All significant milestones in the criminal and political as well as the writing career of a man are associated with it

Theory of separation of powers, or how democratic government is implemented

In most cases, a democratic state is associated with the equal existence of all its institutions. This situation was caused by the theory of separation of powers, the foundations of which were laid by a whole galaxy of prominent philosophers. What is the essence of such a device of the country? To give a detailed answer to this question, it is necessary not only to assimilate the essence, but also to reveal its formation

Party "Alternative for Germany": program, attitude towards Russia

It seems that the migration crisis is bringing the first fruits in Europe. In the regional elections in Germany, the leading party of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) loses to its closest political rivals. However, the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) almost always took its place. But in this election to the Bundestag, everything can be different - the right-wing party “Alternative for Germany” is gaining ratings and leading positions. We

Government House of the Russian Federation: history and architecture

White stone Moscow - so often characterize the capital of fellow citizens and foreign tourists. The Government House of the Russian Federation fully fits into the historical concept, it has a turbulent dramatic history, unique architecture and is a modern landmark. Story You can view the Government House of the Russian Federation from Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment

Polish Parliament turns 525 years old

The history of parliament in Poland has more than five hundred years, during which time the country twice disappeared from the map of the planet, when it was first part of the Russian Empire, and then the German Reich. And the time when the country was part of the socialist camp cannot be called the best for parliamentary activity

Sliska Lyubov Konstantinovna: biography, political career

In recent years, you can rarely hear the name of the former politician Lyubov Sliska. She completed her rather short but bright political career, but her fate continues to excite the general public. Questions about what Sliska Lubov Konstantinovna is doing, where she works now, what her path into politics was, are still often asked by people

Gavrilov Sergey Anatolyevich: biography and photo

In 2008, some Voronezh mass media suggested that MP Gavrilov Sergey Anatolyevich, whose photo can be found in many local newspapers, won a mandate in connection with the patronage of Alexander Lebedev from Fair Russia. Lebedev needed his own man in the State Duma to represent the interests of the Voronezh Joint-Stock Aircraft Building Company

Political scientist Alexander Khramchikhin: biography

Russian political scientist Alexander Anatolyevich Khramchikhin is the main author of the books “Elections to the Sixth State Duma: Results and Conclusions” and “Elections of the President of the Russian Federation: Results and Conclusions”, published by the Institute for Political and Military Analysis in 1996. In thi

Albanian President: A Long Road to Democracy

How unpleasant it is for Albanians, but their homeland has always been on the sidelines of history and geopolitics. However, the very "biography" of this state can hardly be called calm. Boiling passions do not contribute to the democratic system, the hallmark of which is considered to be the institution of the presidency

What is the art of government? This is high politics.

Almost every person depends on who and how governs the country in which he lives. We are accustomed to blaming leaders for all troubles. But do we understand how complicated is the art of governing the state? This is not a garden to dig or even a plant to manage. Here it is necessary to take into account many factors and forces

Alexander Klimenko: biography, career, photo

Undoubtedly, this person can be considered a colorful figure on the political Olympus of Ukraine. Still, in the past he held a responsible position in the Cabinet of Ministers, heading the ministry of income and fees in the brotherly country. Oleksandr Klymenko, which will be discussed in our article, was the initiator of national reconciliation in Ukraine, believing that his native state should develop exclusively according to its own scenario

Democratic regimes: history and modernity

What are democratic values? All modern politics, as well as international relations literally revolve around this concept. Numerous political opponents in various states constantly blame each other for the lack of democracy. Most developed The modern world states are countries with a democratic regime

Natalia Komarova - Governor of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug Biography

In September 2015, parliamentarians of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District — Yugra — voted for the representative of the United Russia party, Natalia Komarova. She remained as governor of the district. Local elections Natalya Komarova was one of three candidates nominated by the Russian president for the post of governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Okrug-Ugra. Du

Marina Valentinovna Entaltseva: biography, husband, photo

For many years she has been the head of the Protocol of the President of the Russian Federation. Marina Valentinovna Entaltseva cares about what the head of state can't do without, but what he doesn’t have to think about. In the literal sense of the word, it is the president’s lifesaver, and with it his “wikipedia”. She ma

Pre-election debates and their significance in a democratic society

Each of us is a witness of how with a certain periodicity comes the term of elections to the legislative and executive power, when for the population of our country comes the opportunity to exercise the right to choose and honestly fulfill their civic duty to the country. In the Russian Federation, elections are held both at the level of local councils and in the Supreme Council

Total war is ... Historical examples and the relevance of the problem today

Of course, it would be better for us to never know the meaning of the word “total war”, but the harsh outbursts of aggression between world powers increasingly force us to think about the most terrible scenario. Do we, like our grandfathers and grandmothers, have to dream of a peaceful sky over the city and the land purified from blood? To

The newest weapon of Ukraine. What weapons are in service with Ukraine

Modern high technology gave impetus to the development of human society in all spheres of life. Unfortunately, inventions are not always created and used for good. Many of them can cause harm to people, and some are made specifically for this. We are talking about weapons - a terrible, destructive force that can kill thousands of people by pressing just one button

Shakkum Martin: biography and photo

Martin Shakkum (photos below) is a Russian political and state leader, a member of the State Duma of the sixth convocation of the United Russia party, the first deputy chairman of the Duma committee on construction and land relations, a member of the Duma commission on the construction of buildings and buildings that are intended to house the Parliamentary center, as well as a member of the Supreme Council of United Russia

Why are the flags of almost all countries of the world flying in front of the UN building?

In order to answer the question of why the flags of almost all existing world states fly in front of the UN building, it is important to understand what this organization is. History of the UN Even before the end of the Second World War, the leaders of the countries united in the anti-Hitler coalition set the task to create an interstate organization whose goal would be to ensure peace and resolve international conflicts

A. N. Tkachev - Minister of Agriculture: biography, photo, family

The current Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation A. N. Tkachev (born 12/23/1960) has come a long way as an economic manager: from a mechanical engineer at a plant for processing agricultural products to the director of this plant, and then after almost a decade and a half of leadership of Krasnodar Region was co-opted into the government RF

Ridiculous laws of the USA: the most stupid and ridiculous laws, their history

Laws are the main existing elements of civilization that we know. Most American laws are based on fundamental beliefs and common sense. Nevertheless, some seem simply stupid, and many of them are absolutely stunning. We have compiled a list of the strangest laws at the local and state level. These are ridiculous US laws in force today

Shocking information about British monarchs: amazing facts

Everyone in the British royal family has its own quirks, habits and secrets that you did not know about. What kind? For example, one of them loves fast food, someone's bodyguards wear a special suitcase with alcohol, and someone likes clothes from a department store! More about everything - right now

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov

In 2016, the first president of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, passed away. For twenty-five years, he ruled the republic unchangeably, setting a tough authoritarian regime. Through an unprecedented increase in the influence of power structures, he ensured order and stability in the country, but all this was accompanied by the suppression of the individual and the dominance of the state in all spheres of public life

Who really rules the world?

We live in an interesting time, when many of the knowledge is becoming increasingly available to the general public, and therefore it is extremely difficult to protect any secrets. This also applies to secret societies, information about which is becoming so accessible that in a short time, secret organizations may lose their main “secret” status. Pr

Zatulin Konstantin Fedorovich: biography, photo, nationality

Many, including those who have little interest in politics for TV viewers, are familiar with Konstantin Fedorovich Zatulin - State Duma deputy, political scientist and TV host. His calm, soft voice is pleasant to listen to; he always leads the conversation in a reasoned, unobtrusive and interesting way

Maksimova Svetlana Viktorovna: interesting facts of life

Maksimova Svetlana Viktorovna - Deputy of the 6th convocation of the State Duma. Biography Svetlana Maksimova was born in Ustyansky district, in the village of Metkursky, on July 16, 1961. Later, she and her family moved to the Saratov region and lived in the town of Novouzensk. She received her education in Novouzensk, here at the age of seven she went to the 1st grade of school number 8, here she enrolled in the Novouzensky Zoovettechnik, having studied as a medical assistant's veterinarian

Big stick policy, or big stick policy. What it is?

One day, Theodore Roosevelt uttered the phrase: Big stick policy. It translates literally as “big stick of politics”. The expression has become a household name. It very vividly and vividly described the behavior of the States towards its neighbors in the early 20th century. Let's see what the big stick of politics gave the Latin American states, and all the rest of the global community. De

Adenauer Conrad: quotes, aphorisms, sayings, brief biography, domestic and foreign policy

Among the world-famous politicians deserves attention Adenauer Conrad. The statements of this outstanding man have become winged and are popular even today. “We all live under the same sky, but everyone’s horizon is different, ” said the ex-chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, making maximum efforts to form Germany at a new level. The

Oleg Sentsov: biography, family, creativity, arrest and sentence

Oleg Sentsov is a popular Ukrainian film director, screenwriter and writer. The focus of the media and the public was in 2014, when he was arrested and charged with organizing terrorist acts. He received 20 years of a strict regime colony. Before the loud arrest and sentence was known in the film "Gamer"

Mark Rutte is a politician working for the good of his country

Netherlands Premier Mark Rutte is a very mysterious person. Being a dark horse, he was able to break through to the heights of political power, which was a real shock for his opponents. And now, seated on his premier "throne", Mark Rutte is not going to bend under any of the existing forces

Mansurov Tair Aimukhametovich: one of the leaders of the EAEU

Mansurov Tair Aimukhametovich, whose biography will be described below, until recently served as secretary general of EurAsEC. After the liquidation of this organization and the creation of a new body, the EAEU continued to work for the benefit of Eurasian integration in a new capacity. For many years, the Kazakh politician has been a staunch and consistent supporter of integration processes between the CIS countries

Politician Tolkachev Konstantin Borisovich: biography, features of activity and interesting facts

Who is Tolkachev Konstantin Borisovich? The answer to this question should be sought in his biography. He currently occupies a number of rather high posts at once. For example, he heads a commission dealing with issues of pardon created under the president of Bashkortostan; he is the deputy Russian representative in the Congress of European authorities at the local and regional level (Chamber of Regions); heads the Political Council in the Bashkir regional branch of United Russia, and also has several convocations in the position of speaker of the parliament (Kurultay) of Bashkortostan

Salary of the President of Russia: official data and estimates

What is the salary of the President of Russia? A seemingly simple question. By the way, according to the Business Life weekly, as of the beginning of this year, the salary of the President of Russia was 128.3 thousand rubles a month. Or, if you count in dollar terms, $ 4, 300. But this is without additional payments, contributions, taxes, etc

What is reform? Once again, a few words about utilities

It seems that no one is already asking the question, what is reform so popular back in the mid-90s. Over the past 15 years, this very concept has lost the familiar sound of “radical transformations” and has become consonant with the expectation of empty changes. If something is changing, it is somewhere there, “above, ” whereas at the grassroots level, no changes occur. And in

Martial law in Russia: possible reasons for the introduction

The last years will be remembered for a long time by an unprecedented information war against Russia. What only publications during this time was not! “The Civilized World” is not satisfied with the behavior of the Russian Federation. Sometimes very strange messages come across. They say that martial law in Russia has already been introduced or is about to happen. Sh

Olesya Yahno: biography of hostility

On numerous Russian political talk shows, Olesya Yakhno is a frequent guest, whose biography is quite specific. She positions herself as a Ukrainian independent journalist, but this is not entirely true. Olesya - or Alesya - often speaks out against what the other guests of the programs are discussing

What is the OSCE? Composition, missions and OSCE observers

What is the OSCE? The history of this organization is as follows. In 1973, an international meeting was held at which issues of cooperation and security in Europe (CSCE) were discussed. Participated 33 states. It ended with the signing by the heads of state and government in Helsinki of an act that became a long-term program of action for the construction of a united, peaceful, democratic and prosperous Europe

Alexander Donskoy. Success story and fall

He was born in 1970 in the working district of the city of Arkhangelsk. There was no “golden spoon” in the mouth there - the poor family, the mother a cleaner, my father worked on an excavator. The beginning of the life path was the most ordinary - school, army, then various unqualified works. How could a boy from among the workers reach the level of the urban elite, become a rich businessman, and then the mayor of Arkhangelsk? Wh

Qualified majority. Truth and fiction

It is not a secret to anyone that in the modern world in most countries of the world (the Russian Federation, the United States and others) a democratic legal regime has been established. One of its main characteristics is the supremacy of human rights and freedoms. Hence the election. But not everything is so simple

Political radicalism: a threat or development?

Society is a form of organization of individuals united by common values ​​and institutions. Each member of society is a living person who has his own wishes and needs, his own social roles. For each person, the values ​​shared by the public majority are relevant to one degree or another, and this relevance depends on many different factors: external and internal, economic and ideological, personal success in life, the psychological state of the individual. It is

Biography of Lyudmila Putin: Portrait of the Ex-Wife of the President of the Russian Federation

The public assigns a special role in the political structure of the state to people close to the president. In particular, the first lady. In Russia, she has lately been Putin Lyudmila Aleksandrovna. The biography of this beautiful woman has more than five years of successfully wearing this title. However, not everything is so simple in the Russian “kingdom”: just yesterday the first lady of the country added the “ex” prefix to its title today. Spouse

The State Duma is ... Voting in the State Duma: description of the procedure, requirements and recommendations

Parliament is the main legislative institution of any modern democratic state. It is here that laws are written and adopted by voting, constitutions are established and amendments are made to them. In Russia, the State Duma is the lower house of parliament. And in this publication we will talk about the functions and powers of this authority

Imangali Tasmagambetov: biography, family, photo

Imangali Nurgalievich Tasmagambetov is an old-timer of Kazakh politics, he came to power at the invitation of President Nursultan Nazarbayev and for twenty-five years he held a number of responsible government positions. Until recently, he served as deputy prime minister, but unexpectedly was appointed ambassador of Kazakhstan to Russia

Microstates of Europe: a list. Microstates of foreign Europe: list, description and characteristics

It is often customary to consider the fact of the existence in the territory of the European continent of several microscopic states as nothing more than a historical misunderstanding. Many people call microstates of Europe fake and operetta ones. But is such scorn towards small state entities always justified

Mikhail Shvydkoy always in responsible work

They wrote about him as an official in every respect, charming and secular, with a fair amount of healthy cynicism. Mikhail Shvydkoy probably fully corresponds to his last name, which means “smart” and “fast” when translated from Ukrainian. Many note his ability to find a common language with people of very different convictions, he is everywhere both among "patriots" and among "liberals."

Party systems are a mirror of the country's life

Party systems are a phenomenon that links all aspects of life in each individual country. What explains such a bold statement? First of all, the essence of this phenomenon, a detailed consideration of which will be presented below. Party systems and their types In political science, it is customary to begin consideration of any social phenomenon with its characteristics

John Hinckley - a man who was acquitted after the assassination attempt on the US president. John Hinkley Jr. and Jodie Foster

John Hinckley - a person clearly extraordinary. However, he did not bring beauty to the world, since his creations can hardly be called poetry. He is known for his obsession with Jodie Foster, as well as the assassination attempt on the US president. In 2016, this sixty-year-old lover moved to live with his ninety-year-old mother

Politicized person is Russian trend

Is a politicized person an active liberal minority or a “passive” majority voting for power? You can answer this question in different ways in Russia. But it can be said for sure that a significant part of the population already has experience of “political” discussions at least at the everyday level. Who ar

President Obama: term of government. When does Obama's term end?

At first glance, the question of when Obama’s term ends is very simple. Every American and many citizens of other countries who have read the US Constitution or heard about it know that the main occupant of the White House for more than two terms should not be delayed. There were exceptions, but until such time as an amendment to the American main law.

Vladimir Ustinov: biography, professional activities

In the period from 1999 to 2006, Ustinov Vladimir Vasilyevich was the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. From June 2006 to May 2008 - Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation, and then Plenipotentiary Representative of the President in the Southern District. Vladimir Vasilievich - the first Russian public prosecutor elected for the 2nd term

Conflict in Northern Ireland: Cause, Chronology of Events, and Implications for Member Countries

The conflict in Northern Ireland is an ethnopolitical confrontation provoked by a dispute between local national Republican organizations that were left-wing and were Catholics, and the central British authorities. The main force that opposed the United Kingdom was the Irish Republican Army. Her opponent was the Protestant Order of Orange and right-wing organizations that acted on his side

Political crisis and conflict

A political crisis is a disorder of the political system, accompanied by a disruption of its normal functioning, associated with the refusal of a significant part of citizens to support the governing organization. The population expresses a lack of confidence in the executive branch and the ruling party, and shows discontent with the policies implemented in the country

The referendum is an act of the direct will of the people.

The referendum is one of the symbols of a modern democratic society, where power formally belongs to the people. This is an act of the direct will of the people on important issues in various fields. In fact, the leadership of the country directly addresses the citizens. A referendum is a formal procedure, the procedure for which is regulated by constitutional and legislative acts, and its results are legally binding

Biography Turchinov Alexander Valentinovich. Alexander Turchinov: nationality, parents

The composition of the government of Ukraine in recent years is of interest to many people in the world. And among politicians, Aleksandr Valentinovich Turchinov has recently attracted a lot of attention. In the past, the Deputy Prime Minister, who had taken the third place in the mayoral elections in the capital, for a long time held a leading position in Yulia Tymoshenko’s Bloc.

Jen Psaki: biography, career. Quotes from Jen Psaki

There are thousands of famous and public people in the world, but some of them stand out even against the background of their “colleagues”. A vivid example is Jen Psaki. Until recently, she was just one of many American officials, but in the light of the recent Ukrainian conflict, her star brightly shone on the world horizon ...

Valentin Yumashev: biography, family, interesting facts

Valentin Yumashev - a rather ambiguous figure. This man, who began his career as a simple journalist, became a famous politician and public figure. In addition, he is known as the husband of the daughter of Boris Yeltsin. So who is Valentin Yumashev? The biography of this person will be the subject of our consideration

Flag of Ecuador and its coat of arms

Ecuador is a state located in South America. Ecuador borders with Peru and Colombia, washed by the Pacific Ocean. The country consists of the Galapagos Islands. Ecuador is known for its mountains - the Andes, which consist of two ridges: Eastern Cordillera. Western Cordillera. Ecuador: coat of arms and flag The national state symbol has a rectangular shape, with yellow, blue and red stripes horizontally arranged on it

Anatoly Medvedev: biography, photo of Father Dmitry Medvedev

There are a lot of rumors and conjectures around the origin of the third president of the Russian Federation, so it is especially interesting to know who Anatoly Medvedev, the father of Dmitry Medvedev really was. The article discusses his biography, collected from official sources. Parents It is known that the father of the hero of the article was called Afanasy Fyodorovich, and from 1955 he lived in Korenovsk, Krasnodar Territory, where he worked as secretary of the RK CPSU

Persona non grata - what does this mean?

Each state has the right to allow or prohibit the entry into its territory to any foreign nationals. And the one whose stay in the country is prohibited is undesirable, called “persona non grata”. What this phrase means for diplomats and ordinary people, we will discuss in our article. What does persona non grata mean according to the Vienna Convention To resolve this issue, international rules were created, they were applied primarily to representatives of the diplomatic corps. Th

Syrian Turkmen - who are they? Whose side are Syrian Turkmen fighting on?

The existence of such a people as Syrian Turkmen who were interested in the events in Syria could be found relatively recently, after a Russian bomber was shot down from the Turkish border. Pilots who managed to eject were shot in the air. One of them died, the fate of the second for some time information was contradictory

Naginsky Grigori Mikhailovich: biography and career

After the tragedy in Chernobyl, Naginsky Grigori Mikhailovich supervised the repairs of the fourth power unit in 1986. Since 1988, he worked as chief engineer of MSU-90 in Sosnovy Bor. In 2015, he was in the top thirty of the Russian billionaire rating. short biography He was born on the sixteenth of June 1958 in the city of Orsk (Orenburg region)

Official UN languages. What languages ​​are official in the UN?

The United Nations has a large number of countries. However, business negotiations and correspondence of this organization is carried out only in a few specific languages. Such official UN languages, the list of which is relatively small, are not chosen by chance. They were the result of a careful and balanced approach

How to get a visa at the Chinese Embassy in Minsk

Every year, China is becoming more affordable and attractive to other countries in terms of tourism and business. Belarus cooperates with China not only at the state level, but also in terms of guest visits and the exchange of cultural achievements. Travels to this country are becoming more and more popular - after all, China has something to surprise and please its guests

Address of the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow. How to find?

Where is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in Moscow? What questions can I contact and to whom? How is it easier to get there - by car or public transport? Let's try to understand, taking into account Moscow traffic jams and the tense situation with parking. Where is? Address of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in Moscow: Smolenskaya-Sennaya Sq

Vitaly Zakharchenko: biography, personal life, photo

Vitaly Zakharchenko - a man who made a great political career and reached incredible heights in his country. He was a very successful Ukrainian lawyer and eventually became the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Zakharchenko Vitaliy Yuryevich (family, photo politics cause interest among many), became world famous in 2014, during the events on the Ukrainian Maidan

Nuclear war: how humanity will perish

After the explosions of nuclear bombs in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the threat of nuclear war became absolutely real. Scientists have studied in detail the possible consequences of more powerful explosions: how radiation will spread, what biological damage will be, and climate effects

Roslyak Yury Vitalyevich - one of the best specialists in the Russian economy

Moscow residents are well aware of who Roslyak Yury Vladimirovich is. How else? After all, this politician for many years was engaged only in the fact that he developed the capital of Russia. By his efforts many houses and cultural monuments were built. And all because he was accustomed to love and respect for the Motherland from an early age

Why Russians are called Russians? Why are Russians called Vatniki, Katsaps, Moskals?

It is believed that the people call themselves, on the basis of the ideal with which they associate themselves. Many do not invent anything to talk about themselves. They just say the word "man" in their own language. Why Russians are called Russians? Where does this strangeness come from? After all, this is an adjective

Omurbek Toktogulovich Babanov, Kyrgyz Prime Minister: biography, family

As a result of the presidential elections in October 2017, Sooronbay Jeenbekov becomes president of Kyrgyzstan, leaving behind a fairly young businessman and politician, leader of the Republic-Ata Jurt party of Kyrgyzstan, 47-year-old Babanov Omurbek Toktogulovich, whose biography and life deserve attention and present a lot of interesting

Alexander Galushka: biography and photo

Alexander Sergeevich Galushka, whose biography is described in this article, is a Russian political and public figure. At the moment he is the Minister for the Development of the Far East. Childhood Alexander Sergeevich Galushka was born on the first of December 1975 in the Moscow region, in the city of Klin

Paul Ryan, American politician: biography, career

Paul Ryan is an American Republican politician, a congressman from Wisconsin in the US House of Representatives, in which he has been a speaker since 2015. early years Paul Davis Ryan was born 01/29/1970 in Janesville, WI. His father, Paul Ryan Sr., was a lawyer, and his mother, Betty Ryan, was a housewife

Militarization is one of the reasons for the collapse of socialism in the USSR

Protecting the borders and ensuring the safety of citizens is one of the main functions of the state. Military expenses make up a certain part of the state budget of any country. Their value is formed on the basis of two main parameters. The first and main one is the degree of external threat that the country feels

Russian military base in Iran. Air base in Iranian Hamadan

No sooner had the Russian base in Iran appeared (August 16, 2016), as was the information about its "folding" (August 22, 2016). What happened between the countries? Is America to blame? But first things first. Why does Russia need a base in Iran It will be about the Iranian base "Hamadan"

Who exercises state power in the Russian Federation?

The Russian Federation is a large multinational state where many religions, confessions and peoples coexist under one flag. Maintaining a healthy legal field, order and development in the country is the responsibility of the state. In our country, the state power is exercised by the president, the government, the Federation Council, the State Duma and the courts

"Upper Volta with rockets": what does it mean, who said?

In the information space, sometimes there are sonorous, sticky names, survivable due to its imagery. They are not related to the ideological features of individual countries or nations. That is, the world perceives them unequivocally. For example, there is a saying: “Upper Volta with rockets”. Strange as it may seem, it is now associated with Russia. Su

Edgar Savisaar: biography, photo

Edgar Savisaar (born May 31, 1950) is an Estonian politician, one of the founders of the Estonian Popular Front and the leader of the Center Party. He was the last Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Estonian SSR and the first acting Prime Minister of independent Estonia, the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications and the Mayor of Tallinn

Socialist society: the essence, foundations, ideas, principles, stages of development, goals and objectives

The formation of the Soviet Union was initially based on a gradual transition to a communist society, however, for all the years of its existence, the goal has not been achieved. But one can safely say that a socialist society was built in the USSR, which corresponds to practically all the basic principles laid down in the concept