Northern Council: description, structure and important dates

Today there are many different organizations designed to strengthen relations between states. About one of these organizations, which calls itself the Northern Council, and will be discussed below. What it is? The Nordic Council is an association that involves cooperation between the Nordic countries (this includes Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden)

What is geopolitics, what kind of science is this? Geopolitics of Russia. US geopolitics

Today, more and more people are becoming interested in not only the ruble exchange rate, but also those events that affect it. Delving into the topic, they are faced with the question: "What is geopolitics?" Is it theoretical or applied science? What is behind this concept, and most importantly, how does it affect the life of each individual person

Russian foreign policy

Russia's foreign policy is carried out simultaneously with the development of society as a whole. So, after the USSR ceased to exist, a completely new stage began in the interaction of our state with other countries of the world. And by January 1992, Russia was recognized by 131 states. The history of Russian foreign policy today is based on the choice of the main priority - the creation of the CIS as a new form of equal and voluntary cooperation of the former Soviet republics

Parliament of Denmark. Basics of the constitutional system and the political system

“My life is a beautiful fairy tale, so bright and happy, ” said Hans Christian Andersen about himself. All Danes who consider themselves the happiest nation in the world could repeat this. And they have grounds for this, because Denmark is one of the few countries embodying common sense, order, beauty, prosperity, convenience and environmental friendliness. Th

National Liberalism - features, history and interesting facts

Quite a small number of people can clearly say what national liberalism is. This movement has experienced two spikes of interest from the population at the end of the 19th - the beginning of the 20th century, and also in the last decade. In order to fully understand what constitutes national liberalism, one must first understand the history of the movement, as well as designate the true concept

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet: biography, peculiarities of activity and interesting facts

Michelle Bachelet - President of Chile. However, she is the first woman in the country who was elected to this post. Michel is a certified medical doctor, epidemiologist and surgeon. Previously studied military strategy. Family Bachelet Michel was born on September 29, 1951 in Chile, in Santiago. She was the youngest in the family

Mikhail Men: biography, career and family

The track record of the hero of our material is impressive. Mikhail Men is the former governor of the Ivanovo region, the former vice-mayor of the capital, the deputy chairman of the regional government of Moscow, a deputy of the State Duma, the head of a number of cultural organizations. Currently holds the post of head of the Ministry of Construction

Lebed Alexey Ivanovich - military and politician

Guards Colonel of the Airborne Forces Lebed Alexei Ivanovich became the first popularly elected head of the Government of the Republic of Khakassia (he held this post from 1997 to 2009). It happened in 1996. The future politician served for nearly a quarter of a century in the army, which taught and tempered a lot

Political map of the world: the stages of formation (table)

The political map of the world can be viewed in two aspects. The first is a simple edition on paper that displays how the world works in terms of the alignment of political forces. The second aspect considers this concept from a wider side, as a source of information about the formation of states, their structure and division, about the rearrangement of forces in the political world, about the advantage and influence of large and powerful states on the world economy

Zimin Victor Mikhailovich: biography, photo, family, wife

Zimin Viktor Mikhailovich - a famous Russian politician. He currently holds the post of head of the Republic of Khakassia. Naturally, the path to this position was long and difficult, since nothing comes immediately. How did Zimin Viktor Mikhailovich achieve this? The biography of this politician will be the subject of our discussion

Bhumibol Adulyadej: biography, photo, condition

Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) is the ninth monarch of the Chakri dynasty. In the history of Thailand, he is the most long-term. King Bhumibon is considered by many to be the father of the whole nation, the patron of democracy, the heart and soul of the people. This monarch is an important figure both in history and in the ordinary life of Thailand

Gays in politics: a list of famous personalities

Today, society has become more tolerant of representatives of the sexual minority. In many European countries, even at the state level, same-sex marriages are allowed, but in Russia even the propaganda of homosexuality entails administrative or criminal liability. Moreover, many famous people abroad even take pride in the fact that they have a non-traditional sexual orientation, and openly appear in public with their spouses, care for them, give presents, offer a hand and heart, etc

How to join the party of the Communist Party today?

Party membership has ceased to be vital, but people who share one or another ideology voluntarily join a political organization at the behest of the soul. How to join the party of the Communist Party? What does this give applicants? A party card is a kind of pass to a moral partnership, where there is an opportunity to communicate with like-minded people

Who is a liberal and what principles does he follow?

In 2012, through the efforts of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM), a survey was conducted, during which Russians were asked to clarify who the liberal is. More than half of the participants of this test (or rather, 56%) found it difficult to disclose this term. It is unlikely that this situation has changed dramatically over the course of several years, so let’s look at what principles liberalism professes and what this socio-political and philosophical trend actually is.

Alu Alkhanov: photo, biography, family of Alkhanov Alu Dadashevich

A militiaman by vocation and by profession, a Chechen by nationality and spirit, a great patriot of his republic, always in favor of her unity with Russia — that is Alkhanov Alu Dadashevich. The biography of this figure is closely connected with both Moscow and Grozny. And there, and there he held important government positions.

With which countries does Russia have a visa-free regime?

To fulfill the dream and go to the desired country, some people have to face the problem of obtaining a visa. However, prior to its registration, you should familiarize yourself with the list of countries with a visa-free regime for Russia and its citizens, and then you might want to discover these states for yourself without plunging into excessive bureaucratic red tape

When will the Ukrainian antiterrorist operation end

The collapse of the USSR, which was originally quite peaceful, led to the emergence of numerous “hot spots” on the territory of a huge country. Interethnic conflicts, quickly repressed by the Soviet authorities using all the means of the state apparatus, suddenly became no one to “put out”, moreover, their main source - nationalist movements and parties - in many newly formed countries became an element of the political apparatus and the stronghold of statehood. After

Alexander Bogdanovich Karlin, Governor of the Altai Territory: biography, photo

In most cases, the attention of society and the media is intently focused on the president of the country, various ministers or deputies of the State Duma. But after all, the managerial staff of any power is not only the indicated officials, but also many others, carrying out their active professional activities at lower levels

Vladimir Oleynik: biography, photo

He can rightly be considered a veteran in Ukrainian politics. He started his career from the bottom, as befits a party functionary in the Land of the Soviets. Vladimir Oleinik, who in the epoch of communism occupied leading posts in the system of state administration, was accused by ill-wishers of betraying the ideals of the party, double-dealing, and even corruption

What is racial discrimination?

Racial discrimination is a set of beliefs based on the idea of ​​racial inequality and the superiority of some national groups over others. The term "racism" first appeared in 1932. What is discrimination? Discrimination is the restriction or deprivation of the rights (advantages) of certain social or national groups on the basis of gender, race, political or religious beliefs. Di

Illegal parties. Party classification, main ideas and leaders

To date, the principle has been proclaimed in the Russian Federation, according to which no ideology can be considered mandatory, any point of view has the right to exist. People who hold any convictions and views are united in political organizations in order to exert influence in varying degrees on the authorities or replace them as a result of elections

Customs policy. Her main goals

The customs policy is a purposeful activity of the state to regulate foreign trade exchange (import and export conditions, their structure and volume) through the installation of a certain customs method of moving goods and vehicles across customs borders. Determining the mechanism of customs policy forms a set of institutions that are involved in the implementation and formation of customs policy, as well as a set of methods and forms of its implementation, ways to use the tools of customs regulation by authorized state bodies

Anti-democratic regimes. Totalitarian and authoritarian regime: the main features

The political regime of the state is a method of organizing the system, reflecting the relations of the authorities and representatives of society, social freedom and the peculiarities of legal life in the country. Basically, these properties are due to certain traditional features, culture, conditions of the historical formation of the state

US defense ministers: list. Deputy US Secretary of Defense. Ashton Carter, US Secretary of Defense: biography, photo, duties

The United States Department of Defense is the country's executive authority. He is in charge of national security issues, the coordination of protection policy decisions, and the management of these matters. The head of the department is the US Secretary of Defense. What are his duties and how is the commander-in-chief of the Pentagon appointed

Constitutional Democratic Party: history lessons

The Constitutional Democratic Party of Russia was born in October 1905. From “Bloody Sunday” a little more than nine months passed, a little more than one and a half remained until the Moscow uprising. The country boiled over, discussing the manifesto of Nicholas the Second of October 17, in which the autocrat most graciously presented the people with the first representative body in the new history - the State Duma. Th

Military strategic parity - what is it? Military-strategic parity between the USSR and the USA

In a period of tension on the world stage between different countries and / or ideological camps, many people are worried about one question: what will happen if the war does start? Now 2018 and the whole world, in particular Russia, are now going through such a period once again. At such times, the only deterrent that impedes the beginning of a real war becomes military parity between countries and blocs, and the phrase “you want peace, prepare for war” acquires special relevance and meaning. Wh

Putin who is on a horoscope? Date of birth of Putin. October 7th - who according to the horoscope?

Many representatives of the powerful are often asked for advice in this or that situation by astrologers, soothsayers and psychics. The current president of the Russian Federation hardly believes in fortune tellers. In all cases, he was accustomed to be guided by his considerations on a particular issue

49th Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro: biography, family, career

Venezuela, together with Hugo Chávez, has been implementing the ideas of the Bolivarian Revolution for many years. Currently, the current president Nicolas Maduro is at the head of the process. In the "legacy" from the previous government, he received a lot of problems. His rule cannot be called easy - as only protests in Venezuela in 2014–2017 stand, when the opposition continually tried to dislodge the legitimate rulers. B

Kostkina Lyudmila Andreevna: career and biography

Kostkina Lyudmila Andreevna (Council of Federation) - deputy of St. Petersburg, a member of the party "United Russia". Was the vice-governor of St. Petersburg on social issues. In the biography of a political lady there is, like many prominent figures, ups and downs. Childhood Lyudmila Andreevna was born on 10

Zionists - who is it? What is the essence of Zionism?

Zionists - who is it? Let's see. The word "Zionism" comes from the name of Mount Zion. She was a symbol of Israel and Jerusalem. Zionism is an ideology that expresses longing for the historical homeland of the Jewish people living abroad. This political movement will be discussed in this article

Salome Zurabishvili: biography with photos

The former foreign minister and presidential candidate of Georgia, before that, managed to work as the French ambassador in this country. According to the tradition of the small countries of the post-Soviet space, Salome Zurabishvili was invited to work by Mikhail Saakashvili, who told the French president: “Georgia has never had a diplomat of this class.”

The burgomaster is ... What is a burgomaster: the meaning, definition and usage of a word

Who is the burgomaster? The definition has several meanings. First of all, the burgomaster is the name of the administrative position occupied by the head of the city government. There are also other definitions. For example, there is a gull species with this name. The history of the word "burgomaster" The burgomaster is the warped German word Burgmeister, which literally means "mayor

Victoria Syumar: biography, career, photo

Many have heard about Victoria, because she is known not only for her beauty, but also for her achievements in education and politics, as well as for her biography, which is quite fascinating. As readers may have understood, it will be about Victoria Syumar. Common Facts Victoria Syumar is known to all as a serious person and people's deputy of Ukraine

Statesman Bubnov Andrei Sergeevich: biography, achievements and interesting facts

Who is Bubnov A.S.? The answer to this question today is almost impossible to get from the people of the younger generation. This revolutionary, who became a Soviet state and party leader, published many works on history. He signed his works with pseudonyms: S. Yaglov, A. B., A. Glotov. Bubnov Andrei Sergeevich - statesman, whose legacy is far from unique

Term political economy

The market mechanism is a complex and very dynamic structure, which depends on a huge number of factors: the level of inflation, the ratio of supply and demand, the activity of its members, government regulation and, of course, the state of the economy as a whole. Moreover, it is the last element that plays one of the most important roles in the healthy development of the whole society

Politician Igor Nikolaevich Rudensky: biography, activities and interesting facts

Igor Nikolayevich Rudensky (our material about him) began his journey to the political arena from studies far from this sphere. The construction industry, bakery production were the initial stages of his working career. It began in 1992. This man is blamed for not being in a hurry to pay taxes; he is doing business with dishonest methods

Mikhail Margelov: biography, education, family. Vice President of OJSC AK Transneft

Mikhail Vitalyevich Margelov - famous statesman. He has an illustrious surname, although he did not continue the military tradition. He went his own way and got to solid heights. His activities are often criticized, he is accused of careerism and opportunism. However, his life path is undoubtedly interesting and worthy of attention

The leader of the US Republican Party. US Republican Party: Goals, Symbol, History

In the US, there are two main political forces. These are Democrats and Republicans. In another, the Republican Party (USA) is called the Great Old Party. History of creation The creation of the Republican Party in the United States took place on February 28, 1854. In the city of Ripon (Wisconsin) took place the union of two political organizations

Putin's power vertical

One and a half months later, for twelve years, the name of Vladimir Putin sounded loudly, both in Russia and abroad. Let's see what is characteristic of the era of his rule and what did the Russian state come to? Two Russia Before we talk about what kind of vertical of power Putin built, being the president of the Russian Federation, and what political reforms he carried out, it is necessary to remember what Boris Yeltsin’s Russia represented.

World Presidents Rating

The rating of the presidents is, of course, a very subjective list made up of sociologists and political scientists in almost every large country. Yet it reflects the main trends in such a volatile world politics. Disputes often arise on the basis of which to make such a rating. American presidents, for example, are always judged by survey results

Nikolai Ryzhkov: biography and photo

An example of a political career can be called the life of Nikolai Ivanovich Ryzhkov. He went through all the steps of the career ladder and embodied the image of a Soviet politician who seemed to be created specifically to promote the Soviet way of life. But at the same time, Nikolai Ivanovich always remained a Man: with emotions, character, point of view

Shinzo Abe - Prime Minister of Japan

Shinzo Abe (born September 21, 1954, Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese politician who twice served as Prime Minister of Japan (2006-07 and since 2012). A prominent politician who implemented both political and economic reforms. Biography of Shinzo Abe The current Prime Minister of Japan is a member of a prominent political family

President of Kalmykia Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: biography, family

This man became known not only for his odious political ambitions, but also for his nontrivial hobbies. He managed to repeatedly hold the highest position in his native republic of Kalmykia, as well as succeed in the field of entrepreneurship. Many political scientists thought that Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was the “unsinkable” head of the region who would not lose authority under any circumstances. An

Relations between Russia and Turkey: a forecast for the future

Of course, today it is not a secret to anyone that the relations of Russia and Turkey, built up over centuries, have undergone serious changes. They have deteriorated to the limit. This is largely due to the heightening of the international situation: a large-scale military-political knot that started from the Middle East to Ukraine can unleash at any moment and turn into a bloody massacre

Residence permit in the Czech Republic: how to get a residence permit Russian

The Czech Republic is an economically stable state located almost in the center of Europe. The favorable geographical position allows the Czech Republic to conduct active trade with EU members and attract foreign investment. This, in turn, leads to an increase in incomes of the population and increases their social security

Biography of Helmut Kohl

In June 2017, former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl passed away. He was the leader of the country for 16 years. It was under his leadership that the unification of Germany occurred after the end of the Cold War. Early years and family policy Helmut Kohl’s biography begins on April 3 in 1930 in the small German town of Ludwigshafen.

Armenian Air Force: so that there is no war

Armenia and Azerbaijan did not actually sign a peace agreement on Nagorno-Karabakh (NKR). Military action, despite the frozen conflict, as life shows, can begin at any time. That is why not too rich Armenia is forced to spend a considerable share of national income in order to somehow protect its sky

Flag of Chad: description, symbolism, history of creation. What is the difference between the flags of Romania and Chad?

The flag is not in vain considered one of the main symbols of any state. This is due to the fact that it is fairly easy to determine a particular country. For example, during the Olympics, athletes carry the flag of their country in front, they raise it when awarding the winner. Why use exactly the flag, and not the name of the country or its coat of arms

Akbulatov Edham: biography and photo

The mayor of Krasnoyarsk Edkham Akbulatov is a very famous person. During his political career, he became famous as a reliable and honest person. For an official of his level, this is a very flattering description, especially from the mouth of the common people. Naturally, there are dark spots in his past, but we'll talk about them later

Yury Shuvalov: career and biography

Yury Shuvalov, whose biography is described in this article, is a Russian politician. In the period from 2003 to 2008. was an assistant of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, then the first deputy chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation. Yuri Yevgenyevich - a professional lawyer. Supervised the Russian Federal Property Fund

Marine Le Pen: biography and photo

Not every foreign politician is known in the post-Soviet countries. However, there are exceptions. Not so long ago, the head of the National Front was Frenchwoman Marine Le Pen. Her biography, of course, interested, so to speak, the general public. How else to understand what a politician is fighting for, what to expect from him

National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP): program, leaders, symbols, history

In Germany in 1920, the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP), in Russian - NSDAP, or NSRPG), which became the only legitimate ruling party in the country, began its existence. The decision of the anti-Hitler coalition after the defeat in 1945 was dissolved, the Nuremberg process recognized its leadership as criminal, and the ideology unacceptable due to the threat of the existence of humanity

Why is Catalonia separated from Spain?

Catalonia is separated from Spain! News of this has become once again popular. Large-scale meetings and voting are held. But why is Catalonia separated from Spain, and why does she need it? November's failures In November 2014, the Congress of Deputies of Spain decided to refuse to hold a referendum on independence in Catalonia

Biography of Irina Yarovoy. Political activities of the State Duma deputy

The article below has prepared a maximum of information about Irina Yarovaya. The phenomenon of women in politics requires separate consideration. Pay attention to this character of the political arena is at least because she is called the most famous female deputy in the parliament of the Russian Federation

Segolene Royal: photo, biography, personal life, children

Ségolène Royal is a well-known female politician who shares the views of the French socialists. Therefore, she participated in the elections and held government posts when this party came to power. We can say that Segolen is a new generation of socialists. She has always opposed various forms of violence and harassment, especially regarding women's rights.

Natalya Yuryevna Korolevskaya: photo, biography, family

Nataliya Yuryevna Korolevskaya, whose biography is replete with bright events in almost all life directions, is a Ukrainian politician, successful businesswoman, deputy of the 5th and 6th convocations of the BYuT. Since 2007 she has been chairing the Parliamentary Assembly Committee on Industry, Entrepreneurship and Politics

Robert Schlegel, State Duma deputy: biography

Robert Schlegel (nationality - Jew) is known for being an active member of the United Russia party, elected as a State Duma deputy two convocations in a row (fifth and sixth). For two years he held the post of press relations representative of the Nashi movement. Robert Schlegel: biography. Childhood and youth His childhood fell on a difficult period in the life of the country, which in those years was called the Soviet Union

Yushenkov Sergei Nikolaevich, State Duma deputy: biography, family, political career, murder

Sergey Nikolayevich Yushenkov is a fairly well-known domestic politician who defended his Ph.D. in the field of philosophical sciences. From his pen came out several famous scientific works. He was one of the leaders of "Liberal Russia". He gained fame through his scientific and political activities, as well (in many ways) because of the tragic death

Pompidou Georges: brief biography, photos, quotes

From time immemorial, the French land was famous for its eminent rulers and politicians. It so happened that in the cohort of the best turned out to be a man named Georges Pompidou, who had a significant influence on the formation of France, as one of the most powerful states in Europe, and contributed to strengthening its authority in the international arena

House of Lords of Great Britain

The House of Lords is the upper house of parliament of Great Britain - a unique institution in its archaism. It includes secular and spiritual lords, called peers. The size of the chamber is not established by legislation (in 1994 it included 1, 259 peers). Meetings of Parliament are held in the Palace of Westminster, built specifically for these purposes, although officially called the royal (at the disposal of the Chambers of Lords and communities, it is only formally)

Former Finance Minister Alexander Livshits: biography, family, cause of death

The well-known economist, former Finance Minister Alexander Yakovlevich Livshits, whose biography for many years was associated with work in the government, remained in the memory of people as a man who tried to limit the power of the oligarchy. Let not all he succeeded, but he was honest and responsible in his activities and statements

SUHS: What is it, how is it decrypted and applied?

Variants of various slang expressions on the Internet are sometimes puzzled. For example, in all kinds of near-political discussions, strange abbreviations began to slip. SUGS - what is it, and why do the same users sometimes write another option, CSW? It is worth noting that this strange concept is found only in the so-called “hohlorachs”, where in one way or another there are users condemning Ukraine. Th

Igor Putin, cousin of the President of the Russian Federation and successful Russian entrepreneur

Igor Alexandrovich Putin is a Russian businessman and cousin (paternal) brother of the leader of the Russian state, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, was born in 1953 on March 30 in the city of Leningrad. He studied at the Higher Automotive Command School in Ryazan in 1974. According to the media, his father, Alexander Putin, who is the brother of the father of the current Russian president, worked in it

Clement Gottwald - Czechoslovak Stalin

Clement Gottwald is one of the first communist politicians in Czechoslovakia. He was the leader of the party, the prime minister and the president of this country. For some time even the cult of Gottwald existed, and at first his body was embalmed and made the subject of public viewing in the mausoleum

Parliament of Uzbekistan: structure, status, authority, and speaker

As in any other state, in Uzbekistan, a small Central Asian republic, there is also a parliament. The principles of its formation are rather curious, and, after reading the article, you will be able to verify this. And also learn a lot more interesting things about the Oliy Majlis (this is how it is called in the Uzbek language)

Country within country: how to understand this?

Oddly enough it sounds, but in the modern world there are many paradoxes when you can come across such concepts as “state within a state” and “country within a country”. The difference between them is quite significant. Now we will try to see how a state within a state (a country within another) can exist and be governed. The co

Brechalov Alexander Vladimirovich: photo, biography of the head of Udmurtia

Political activity obliges a person to have a whole range of skills that make him a successful manager as a result. One of such statesmen capable of taking the only right decision in difficult life situations is Alexander Brechalov. We will talk about his career and successes in detail in the article

Parties of France: types, names, ideology, system and party leaders

At the moment, there are more than 40 political parties in France, although there is still no special legislation on them in the country. Conventionally, they can be divided into "right" and "left", depending on the views. However, it should be borne in mind that they are constantly changing, dividing and merging with each other

UN Secretary General Annan Kofi: biography, activities, awards and personal life

The United Nations was created in 1945 and on the path of development all this time remained the guarantor of peace and stability. Sometimes her role weakened somewhat, and in some periods she gained strength again. At the head of the international organization one could see diplomats from many countries of the world

Renzi Matteo - a perfect example of the development of a "third way in politics"

Renzi Matteo is the current Prime Minister of Italy. He has been in this position since February 2014 (when he was 39 years old). Born and raised in Tuscany - the central region of Italy. At thirty, he became mayor of Florence. Since then, Renzi has undertaken a series of reforms. In fact, Renzi sees himself as a reformist and believes that the situation in the country will never improve unless fundamental changes are made

European People's Party: composition, structure, position

The pan-European center-right political party was founded in 1976. The name, the European People’s Party, includes nationalist, Christian Democratic, conservative, and many other political-oriented parties that are center-right parties in most European countries. Composition It is the largest party in Europe, which is represented in this connection in absolutely all political institutions of the EU and the Council of Europe.

What killed Gaddafi: all that was secret before

After the fact, the American president announced the triumph of democracy and justice. He was not particularly shy, explaining to the world why Gaddafi was killed. One of his statements about the resumption of American leadership in the world says enough to cool other “hot heads”. So, in order. "Democratic" position NATO and the United States drew a picture that was quite acceptable for the beginning of the bombing campaign. In

Igor Mosiychuk: biography and political activities

Igor Mosiychuk called the first political prisoner of the regime of Petro Poroshenko. This Ukrainian journalist and politician went all his conscious way hand in hand with the idea of ​​radical nationalism and spent some time behind bars. Far Eastern nationalist The biography of Igor Mosiychuk is replete with facts pointing to his radical views. Th

Evgeny Urlashov: biography, family, photo

Yevgeny Urlashov is a politician who previously represented United Russia. However, later came out of it. Mayor Yevgeny Urlashov is known as the winner of the elections in the city of Yaroslavl with a confident result of 69%. About how the famous political figure has achieved such success, read this article

How to join the party "United Russia"? Recommendations

In Russian society, there is a perception that politics is a dirty business. It should not be disputed, since it has a certain basis: no one knows that those who want to achieve power and all sorts of privileges are ready to do anything to become a member of the party, and using “dishonest political technologies” for this purpose common occurrence. At

Georgia and Abkhazia: conflict, causes

War, conflict, military confrontation - it is always tragic. Especially if the process lasts for decades. Georgia and Abkhazia know firsthand about such a misfortune - the conflict between them serves as a vivid example of national discord and enmity. But why did this happen? This will be discussed further

Absolutism is one of the forms of state power.

Throughout the entire process of the emergence and development of mankind, countries, population, cities have changed, but the forms of power developed over the centuries have been consolidated and received their further development. One of these forms was absolutism. It is such a device of power in which the supreme ruler possessed all its fullness without restriction to anyone or anything

Communism: what is it - the bright future of mankind or a catastrophe?

This is one of the most difficult topics in the history of the development of human civilization. The best minds of humanity can not answer the question: "Communism: what is it - the main route to progress or a global systemic catastrophe?" There is no consensus here. And the existing points of view are diametrically opposed and sharply conflicted

What is sovereignty

What is sovereignty? In modern politics and international relations, this definition is immensely frequent. Diplomats, deputies, all sorts of statesmen in search of popularity and their flattery with the people periodically turn to this concept. More often it pops up when it comes to relations between Russia and neighboring states: Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Kazakhstan and others

Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova: biography, activities and interesting facts

Tatyana Moskalkova - Russian politician, lawyer. Since April of last year, she has been the ombudsman for the Russian Federation Repeatedly elected to the federal parliament, has a scientific degree. Biography of the Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova was born in Vitebsk in 1955. Her father, Nicholas was a personnel officer, paratrooper, mother - a housewife

Angela Merkel - the daughter of Hitler? Is there evidence that Angela Merkel is the daughter of Adolf Hitler?

In the European Union countries, the public doesn’t stop discussing rumors that have suddenly appeared that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is Hitler’s daughter. Adherents of this point of view believe that it came to light from the dictator's sperm, which was frozen in the past. Moreover, this information is owned by both Russian and North American intelligence services. Mo

Andrei Dunaev, Head of Administration of the Istra District of the Moscow Region: Biography

Dunaev Andrei Gennadyevich, whose biography is described in this article, is a lawyer, a Russian political and public figure. One of the founders of the party "Just Cause". He headed the pre-election list of deputies of the State Duma of the 6th convocation. Dunaev was a candidate for the post of Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

Who was the first president of the United States?

Humanity has always been interested in its own history. Beginning with ancient times, leaders were formed in society that led the rest to development and progress. And in the article we will find out who was the first president of the United States. Whose name they called the whole city in the country of possibilities

Political scientist Rostislav Ischenko: analyst, opinions, comments

The beginning of the Ukrainian crisis has forced many ordinary citizens to be more interested in the events taking place in the world. Analysts in the media and the network set. But, as it happens, each sandpiper from its perch considers the situation. To understand, for example, with Ukraine, it would be very difficult, if not Rostislav Ischenko

Valery Bolotov: the whole truth about the former governor of the LC

Valery Dmitrievich Bolotov is a well-known political and public figure promoting the independence of the South-Eastern region of Ukraine. The face of Bolotov is familiar to everyone who keeps abreast of the world, as his actions directly influence the fate of Donbass. And yet, where did Valery Bolotov come from

The history and significance of the coat of arms of Monaco

Each country has its own symbols, which are of great importance for the authorities and residents. A symbol can be anything from a plant to an official coat of arms and a flag. Just as many other powers, Monaco, boasts its own symbol - the coat of arms. What is the significance of the coat of arms of Monaco

Azerbaijan: flag and national emblem

Every country on the planet has its own distinctive heraldic symbols. Azerbaijan has them too. The flag and emblem of this country are symbols of the sovereignty of the state. Any abuse against them is punishable in accordance with the legislation of Azerbaijan. Emblem The emblem of this country has the shape of a round shield

State Assembly (Il Tumen) of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia): chairman, deputies

Like every state entity within the Russian Federation, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) uses its right to self-government. One of the ways to express this right is to have our own legislative body, which is the State Assembly (Il Tumen). This institute solves a number of important tasks that guarantee the performance of the functions of self-government in the territory of this administrative unit

Igor Sivov Veniaminovich: biography, personal life, career

Igor Sivov is the main adviser to the president of the International University Sports Federation. A young man has recently become known to the residents of the post-Soviet space as the husband of the popular Russian singer Nyusha. How old is Igor Sivov and what path did he have to make to reach the top of his career

We learn to understand the historical processes. What are the main differences between reforms and revolutions?

Do you sometimes think about how our society develops? Well, for example, compare what was five centuries ago, with the present state of affairs? If so, then you are probably interested in how changes occur. The attentive reader understands that development can take place in different, different forms

Current president of spain

The politics and economics of modern Spain are influenced by several factors. First, of course, it has a significant impact on the country's membership in the EU and other organizations of the international level. Secondly, Spain is one of the most highly developed countries in Europe thanks to domestic politics

Juan Carlos I: photo, dynasty and biography

Juan Carlos I de Bourbon - the king of Spain, who became a whole epoch. His reign lasted about forty years, during which the country has turned from extreme dictatorial fiefdoms into a modern democratic state. Not everything went smoothly and steadily, on the shoulders of a young democrat king all the difficulties were thrown which filled the political and social sphere of the Spanish kingdom

Boris Titov: biography (photo)

A very important role in the fate of a person is played by his place and time of birth. Being born in the right family forms high life goals. Proper family helps and pushes for better results. This trajectory of development of the life path is clearly shown by Boris Titov, whose biography justifies the statement about the primary role of family influence

What is a dissident? Dissident movement in the USSR

In the days of the Soviet Union, far from the entire population was quite the current government. Dissidents called people who did not support the political views of others, as well as Soviet power. They were ardent opponents of communism and treated badly everyone who at least touched it. In turn, the government of the Soviet Union could not ignore dissidents

Russian politician Nikolay Egorov. Egorov Nikolai Dmitrievich: biography

Who is Nikolai Egorov? Where he was born? What did you do? We will answer these and other questions in the article. Egorov Nikolai Dmitrievich - Russian politician. He was born in 1951, May 3, in the village of Zassovskaya, Labinsky District (Krasnodar Territory). The beginning of the labor path Nikolay Egorov graduated from the Agricultural Institute in the city of Stavropol, as well as the VPSH at the Central Committee of the CPSU

Who is a jacket Vatniki and Colorado - who is this?

It took quite a bit of time, in the historical sense, since the collapse of the USSR. Fifteen union republics, kindred peoples, ceased to be a single whole and began to build their statehood separately from each other. As of today, it is already possible to see and evaluate how it happened with the governments of independent units

Space race resumed: who first colonized the moon?

It seems that the world giants again decided to compete. In 1961, the United States lost the primacy of the Soviet Union in bringing man into space. But already in 1969, America pulled ahead thanks to the landing of the first cosmonaut on the moon. With the end of the Cold War, passions around space programs have subsided

Mikhail Balakin: the whole truth about the famous entrepreneur

Mikhail Balakin is a vivid example of how a Russian entrepreneur can be today. Thanks to his efforts, he repeatedly fell into the ratings of Forbes magazine as the most successful businessman in Russia. However, wealth did not immediately come into his hands, and certainly not the easiest way. So let's talk about how he made his fortune

Ilya Klebanov: biography, family, career

Ilya Klebanov is one of those unsinkable politicians who appeared in sufficient numbers on the waves of perestroika. He made a dizzying career, having gone from a simple engineer to deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation. His life is an example of active progress towards the goal, but using sometimes dubious means

Saad Hariri - Lebanon's Prime Minister: biography, personal life

Saad Hariri is a Lebanese prime minister, a billionaire and a revolutionary who earned himself political points at the time by fighting Syrian influence in his country. He became the successor of his father's case - Rafik Hariri, who was killed under mysterious circumstances, not excluding the involvement of the Lebanese and Syrian special services