Sergey Darkin - Governor of Primorsky Krai: biography, activity, family

Of course, Sergey Darkin is an ambiguous and controversial figure on the political Olympus of our country. And the matter is not even that this person was perceived by a part of society as a “criminal” governor. For many, there remains another mystery: how could Sergey Darkin hold such responsible posts in the public service for such a long time? He

Political views ultraconservative - what's this?

Recently, more and more people are interested in social processes and politics in particular. At the same time, the importance of understanding what is happening and the need for a person to acquire his own convictions and systemic views come to the forefront. Based on these processes, the significance of the word "ideology" is constantly growing

Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region Yevgeny Kuyvashev: biography

Yevgeny Kuyvashev - the statesman of the Russian Federation, the governor of the Sverdlovsk region. He was plenipotentiary of the President of Russia (D. Medvedev) in the Urals Federal District (2011-2012). He has several higher education. Childhood and youth Kuyvashev Yevgeny Vladimirovich was born in the village of Lugovskoy of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug), on the sixteenth of March 1971

Who is the monarch? Word Meaning and Form of Government

To maintain order in the state at all times there existed a certain form of political structure. The reign of the monarch in the classical form is one of the most magnificent manifestations of influence, when all power belongs to one person in the person of the king, king, emperor or shah. Who can become a monarch

How long will the attacks continue in Israel?

By the sad news from this country, many have become accustomed. The mass media for a long time do not consider terrorist acts in Israel to the category of sensations. It is believed that it could not be otherwise. But is it really? Islamic terror Against the backdrop of a sharp aggravation of Islamic terrorist activity in a number of major cities in Western Europe, news from Israel is on the periphery of public attention

Markus Wolf: biography, activities, photos

Do you know who was the head of the best intelligence in the world? Who is Marcus Wolf? We will talk about the head of the main intelligence department, about his family and life. Biography Marcus Wolf was born on 01/19/1923 in the city of Heching. He grew up in the family of a doctor and playwright

Why and how national states break up: prerequisites and consequences

In any form of organization, the state practically cannot be insured against the fact that one fine moment it will not cease to exist. The reasons for this can be quite a lot. And history at all times knew many examples when entire empires disappeared. Let us try to consider the main causes and questions related to why and how national states disintegrate

On the history and population of Kabardino-Balkaria

In the Soviet time, the North Caucasian republic was formed from the historical territories of the neighboring peoples of Kabarda and Balkaria; according to the principle, a good neighbor is better than a distant relative. Since Kabardians and Balkars are not related peoples and their languages ​​belong to different linguistic groups. Th

Political parties of modern Russia - multiply and multiply

According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, political diversity is recognized in our country. Political parties in contemporary Russia offer a diversified choice that can be made on the basis of individual beliefs and preferences. This explains the existence of various political entities

Gerhard Schröder - Federal Chancellor of Germany: Biography

One of the most famous politicians in Germany at the beginning of the XXI century is Gerhard Schroeder (Gerhard Fritz Kurt Schroeder - this is his full name). His fate can not be called simple and easy. All that he managed to achieve in life, is entirely his merit. Beginning of life's journey Gerhard was born in Mossenberg in Lower Saxony (now it is the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia)

What is dictatorship? Its causes and features

The concept of a political regime is one of the main ones in generally accepted political science. Any political power has its own characteristics and characteristics. The implementation of power is carried out through certain methods and means. Political regime In different historical periods, the government may have different forms of political regime

ATP - what is it? ATP - transcript. History of the Asia-Pacific countries

The entire globe is divided into several major economic and political zones, one of the most influential and largest of them is the APR. Explanation of the abbreviation - the Asia-Pacific region - says that this union includes the states located on the perimeter and in the waters of the Pacific Ocean

The Titan of Russian Politics - Boris Gryzlov

In the Russian political environment, many people are worthy of attention. At the same time, there are such persons whose biography should be given special attention due to their great authority, experience and achievements. In particular, one of these figures is Boris Gryzlov - one of the "elders" of the political beau monde of Russia

Modern political party as a public organization seeking power

The concept of "modern political party of Russia" now has a completely different meaning for the political situation than a few years ago. Today a large number of parties are registered: communist, socialist, and also nationalist. All of them are in the interests of specific groups. The list of registered political parties is presented in the form of right, left and centrist

The history of the origin of the concept of "vice president"

"Vice-President" - this word is often heard on television, on radio and is found in the media. What does it mean? The word "vice" comes from the Latin language, where at one time it meant certain duties, vices. Viccerex was the acting king, then the governor. In modern dictionaries you can read that this prefix implies a certain meaning of the word "deputy"

Sergey Korotkikh (Malyuta): biography

More than 22 foreign volunteers - participants of the ATO, filed in 2014 a petition for obtaining passports of citizens of Ukraine. Almost everyone was denied. The exception was Sergei Korotkikh (Malyuta), whose biography became public after the photo of the presentation of the main document by President P

Nicolas Sarkozy: biography, personal life, family, politics, photo

The former president of the fifth republic and ex officio also prince of Andorra and grandmaster of the Legion of Honor, was remembered by most of the world's population as the husband of the beautiful model Carla Bruni. The son of a Hungarian immigrant, Nicolas Sarkozy, managed to do the incredible thing - to break through to the pinnacle of power

State media: features and characteristics

All over the world, the media (state and public) play a large role in shaping collective views and opinions on various issues. They are able to promote certain ideas and ideologies, influencing the mass consciousness and the dominant point of view. In our country, the media and government work in the same bundle, being in mutually beneficial coexistence

Honecker Erich: biography, political activity

Memoirs of Erich Honecker - the story of the fate of a communist in Nazi Germany. The party leader, who was the general secretary of the GDR, was detained several times, he fought cancer and believed in the inviolability of his ideas. Childhood and youth of the head of the GDR Erich Honecker was one of six children in the miner's family

Lev Ponomarev: biography, political and social activities

A well-known human rights activist Lev Ponomarev is a member of the Solidarity political council. In the past, he was a deputy of the Russian State Duma of the first convocation. The politician has a doctoral degree in physical and mathematical sciences. early years Lev Ponomarev was born in Tomsk in 1941

Rama 9, the king of Thailand: birthday, biography, family, photo

Not everyone knows the name of the King of Thailand. This is due to the fact that the exotic country is located quite far from our homeland, and the situation in it is not interested in many compatriots. Currently, the head of the country is Rama 9. The King of Thailand is an interesting person. Let's follow his biography in detail

Stabilization policy: basic concepts, types, methods, goals

A stabilization policy is a macroeconomic strategy adopted by governments and central banks to maintain stable economic growth along with price levels and unemployment. Current stabilization policies include monitoring the business cycle and adjusting the base interest rates to control aggregate demand in the economy

President of Ingushetia Yunus-Bek Yevkurov

The North Caucasus is a rather specific region with a large influence of informal clan and kinship ties. On this basis, the federal leadership seeks to appoint people to the mountainous republics who are not closely linked with the local elite and who are above all disputes in order to prevent conflicts of interest between the opposing groups

Simonenko Peter Nikolaevich: biography and photo. First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine (KPU)

Petro Symonenko is one of those politicians whom Ukraine is currently trying to erase from its life, although he has been in the ranks of state managers for more than 20 years. He has extensive experience, but his political views are not shared by the current “top” of this country. Simonenko is a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of several convocations, a “chronic” presidential candidate. The pe

Israel and Palestine: the history of the conflict (briefly)

For a more accurate understanding of the conflict that arose between Israel and Palestine, one should carefully consider its background, the geopolitical location of countries and the course of conflict actions between the states of Israel and Palestine. The history of the conflict is briefly discussed in this article

The new concept of "5 column". What it is? What is dangerous?

It should be recognized that we live in a period of change. Gradually, they are gaining such momentum that they can "crush" those who do not dodge in time. To grasp the essence of change, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the terms, which are peculiar "beacons", strongly signaling to ordinary citizens that events are rapidly gaining momentum

The structure and composition of the State Duma of the Russian Federation: the list, duties and features

The State Duma of the Russian Federation is the chamber of the Federal Assembly. In Russia, it is the highest legislative body. The final composition of the State Duma is elected by popular vote, the term of deputy authority is 5 years. Who is in parliament The powers of the deputies of the State Duma of the VII convocation entered into force on September 18, 2016

Moskalkova Tatyana Nikolaevna: biography and career

Moskalkova Tatiana Nikolaevna - Russian politician, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation, deputy of the State Duma of the fifth and sixth convocations. Since 2016 she has been working as an ombudsman. He is a member of "Fair Russia", doctor of philosophical and legal sciences. Childhood Deputy Moskalkova Tatiana Nikolaevna was born on the thirtieth of May 1955 in Belarus, in the city of Vitebsk

Edward Kokoity: biography, personal life, family and career

The former president of the Republic of South Ossetia, which belongs to partially recognized states, now heads the Unity party. You can have a different attitude to Eduard Kokoity, but during his time Russia recognized the former rebel Georgian region as a country. early years Eduard Dzhabeevich Kokoity was born (sometimes Russian media use the last name — Kokoev) on October 31, 1964 in the city of Tskhinvali, the South Ossetian Autonomous Region, Georgian SSR.

Political geography and geopolitics

Political geography is a type of economic and social geography that borders on political science. As an independent scientific direction, it emerged relatively recently: in the late 19th - early 20th centuries. Its founder is considered the German geographer Friedrich Ratzel, who in 1897 published a book with the same name

Is Gibraltar a stumbling block of brexit?

Brexit, that is, the exit of the UK from the European Union, can be considered a matter of time. Premier May notified Tusk in writing of the start of the procedures, and an indicative plan of further actions was drawn up. But there was an unexpected problem about one of the parts of the territory of the United Kingdom

Who is the deputy? Is it a caring friend or a selfish careerist?

We often hear the word "deputy" from all sides. This concept is used in completely different meanings, emotionally colored depending on the subject of publications and speeches. Some people criticize representatives of the people, others pin optimistic aspirations and hopes on them. Everyone, it turns out, needs a deputy

What is double standards?

Double standards are the names of discriminatory approaches applied in practice to the rights of certain races, peoples, communities, and individual people. This term is used to assess negative phenomena in social studies, journalism, economics, and, in particular, in politics. Governments of various states that use similar approaches to assess opponents formally categorically reject discriminatory actions against people who do not express loyalty, as well as their competitors in the fight for the presidency or a place in parliament

Vladimir Medinsky: biography and photo

For many, the appointment of Vladimir Medinsky to the position of head of the Ministry of Culture was a very unexpected event. But if you take a closer look at the biography of this person, it becomes clear that he has come a hard way and has worked hard before becoming what he is today. In this article, the life story of a politician, the answers to questions about what kind of personality Vladimir Medinsky is, photos and various interesting facts

What does visa-free travel with the EU mean for Ukraine?

So, it happened. One of the goals of the Maidan achieved. Rather, there are two steps to it, but this is already a formality. Ukrainians will be able to travel to Europe by a regular passport this summer, without worrying about putting stamps on it. You will not have to queue up in consular offices and pay 35 euro collection

Politics and economics: two sides of the same coin

Politics is a sphere of activity uniting relations between all social groups, defining the forms, goals, methods of governing the state, its main tasks. The economy refers to the entire economic activity of the state, production processes, methods of distribution, exchange, or any other consumption of goods

Grounds for early termination of presidential powers in the Russian Federation

The President of the Russian Federation is generally recognized as the main official of the state. On the basis of the current version of the country's Constitution, he is elected for a term of 6 years, after which he is obliged to resign. However, if necessary, there are also grounds for the early termination of the execution of the powers of the President of the Russian Federation

Korotkov Andrey Vyacheslavovich: biography, date and place of birth, career of an official, photo

The Russian people used to speak of the high-ranking officials as if they were dead: nothing or good. However, there are exceptions. About Andrei Vyacheslavovich Korotkov, chief of inspection, many people respond negatively. Perhaps those who violated the law. And when they were called to order, they expressed their discontent

Extremism as a threat to the national security of Russia. Basic principles, causes and prevention

Extremism as a threat to the national security of Russia is directed against the unity and territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, to destabilize the situation (domestic and social). This is an extremely dangerous phenomenon that gives rise to terrorist activity (extreme manifestation of extremism)

Russia and NATO: problems of interaction

News feeds give us more and more disturbing messages every day. The world is straining. It seems that in some of the burning regions of Russia and NATO will enter into direct confrontation. It excites the majority of the population. War is a terrible event. No one can escape its effects. Therefore, it is desirable to understand what is happening

King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander: biography

Willem-Alexander Klaus Georg Ferdinand - one of the youngest modern monarchs in Europe. His person invariably arouses interest, not only because he is crowned, but also because he is not afraid to be himself and lives the same life as all ordinary people. Childhood Willem-Alexander was born on April 27, 1967 in the small Dutch city of Utrecht

Victor Lukashenko: career of the Soviet football player and coach

Lukashenko Viktor Avaraamovich - professional ex-footballer, who played in the position of defender. Pupil of Dynamo Kyiv. He played in the "Metallurg Zaporozhye", where he achieved great success. In the period from 1970 to 2008 was engaged in coaching. Biography Viktor Lukashenko was born on July 2, 1937 in Kiev, USSR

Left and right views in politics. What are the political views?

The life of a state and a democratic society in Western countries today is built on liberal principles that imply a multitude of points of view on various issues facing the country and society itself (a plurality of opinions is called the term "pluralism"). It is this difference in views and provoked the division into left and right, as well as centrists

Contra - what is it? Concept interpretation

This concept implies the struggle of a social group whose goal is either to fight against the growing revolution, or to overthrow the newly established revolutionary one and, as a result, to restore the former social and state system. Concept in science K. Marx noted that by its very development a revolution gives rise to counter-revolution

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar: photo, biography, activity

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar is an Afghan politician and field commander who began his work in the seventies of the twentieth century. The Islamic Party of Afghanistan created by him was one of the main movements around which the Mujahideen who fought against the USSR were concentrated. The subject is distinguished by extreme cruelty and intolerance; for his “exploits” during civil strikes in Afghanistan in the nineties he received the “speaking” nickname: Gulbeddin - Bloody butcher. Over t

Second Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Zubov Valery Mikhailovich: biography, cause of death

For many Krasnoyarsk people, Zubov Valery Mikhailovich remains a teacher and the youngest dean of Russia. But the pedagogical activity did not give a reason to doubt oneself and start a political career that perfectly fit into his life path. What else is famous teeth? early years Valery Zubov was born in 1953 on May 9 in the village of Novospasskoye, Pervomaysky district, Tambov region

Dmitry Kobylkin: biography, family of the governor of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District

Dmitry Kobylkin is a famous Russian politician and statesman. Currently holds the post of governor of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. He has been in this post since March 2010. Included in the supreme council of the popular party "United Russia". He regularly receives high positive ratings in the rating of the effectiveness of Russian heads of regions

Yulia Tymoshenko - "Lady Yu" biography, family and political activities

Today her name is known all over the world. In 2005, she was one of the three most influential women on the planet. Fate now elevated her over millions, then threw her behind bars. Surely many did not manage to understand who Yulya Timoshenko is? Her biography is so intense that you can write more than one novel on it

Democratic regime

The democratic regime is one of the most complex in terms of implementation among other regimes in politics. It originated in antiquity and literally designated “people's power”. Since the “Politics” of Aristotle was translated in 1260 and the word “democracy” was first used, the debate about its meaning and the essence of this regime has not ceased. Together w

US Constitution: History and Principles

The US Constitution is over two hundred years old. This strong old woman helped her to survive many crisis times in her country. And now there is a storm in the political expanses, it was so before, and more than once, sometimes it even reached scandals. But the phenomenal and surprising US Constitution of 1787 stands guard

Political situation: definition of the concept, influence

Always be interested in politics. News about the situation in the world and the country is the most discussed. Getting out of the crisis, raising the GDP, martial law are questions to which everyone knows the right answers, right down to the grandmothers on the bench. However, policy professionals, before making any decision, must take into account many circumstances and predict the consequences for the future

Armenian political figure Raffi Hovhannisyan: biography, activity, photo

The leader of the Armenian opposition Heritage Party, the first in the history of an independent RA, Foreign Minister Raffi Hovhannisyan is the son of the American Orientalist and historian Richard Hovhannisian, who is known throughout the world. Their family was among those Armenian refugees who managed to escape from one of the worst atrocities in the history of mankind - the Armenian genocide in the early 20th century - and find refuge on American soil

Who will be president after Putin? Election of the President of the Russian Federation in 2018

Society at all levels often discusses the question of who will be president after Putin. And the conversations are not out of pure curiosity. The history of Russia is such that not so much but practically everything depends on the leader. An ordinary person will not be able to live normally, feeling confident in the future, if the person at the helm, unworthy of trust

The regime of totalitarianism. What is totalitarianism? Features, features, essence of totalitarianism

Totalitarianism - what is it? With such a device, the state forcibly regulates the life of the whole country. There is no right to independent thoughts or actions. The power of control and repression There are no areas of state life that the government would not want to control. Nothing should hide from her gaze

Jean-Claude Juncker - Head of the European Commission

Jean-Claude Juncker was born in 1954 in the Duchy of Luxembourg, one of the smallest European states. Junker himself felt the consequences of the war, since during the Second World War his father was forced to join the German army. Where did he get an education? During his youth, Juncker studied in three different countries

Serdyukov - Hero of Russia: can you believe it?

Undoubtedly, the information that appeared earlier in Russian newspapers that the former head of the Defense Ministry, Serdyukov, is a Hero of Russia, shocked many. How could an official who was accused of negligence and inappropriate use of government money could receive such a high award? There are still attempts to unravel the secret of why Anatoly Eduardovich did not suffer the deserved punishment for the corruption scandal, in which he appeared

Askar Akaev: biography, activities and interesting facts

Askar Akaev, whose biography will be described below, was one of the most atypical presidents in the post-Soviet space. A doctor of technical sciences, a mathematician and a physicist, he absolutely did not resemble an ordinary oriental despot. Kyrgyzstan during his reign became a model for the development of democracy and civil rights in Central Asia

Military districts of Russia. The composition of the military districts of Russia

The creation of the administrative-territorial system in the domestic armed forces began in the 60s of the XIX century. The first-ever military districts of Russia contributed to the rational manning and supply of garrisons, units and subunits, and also provided an opportunity for strategic planning of the defense doctrine

Daniel Ortega: photo, biography

Daniel Ortega, whose biography is described in this article, is an active Nicaraguan political leader. He is one of the most famous leaders of the Sandinista revolution, which took place in 1979 in Nicaragua. As a result, the coup d'état was very successful, and Daniel led the country. Ortega was president of Nicaragua from the eighty-fifth to the ninetieth year of the 20th century.

What is liberalism and what it is based on

Liberalism is a kind of social and political movement that expresses and promotes human freedom. This approach to understanding the human nature gave complete freedom in choice and behavior. But, in addition to views on human life and society, this movement had its own attitudes in the economic sphere

Gennady Gudkov: biography, business and political activity

The retired State Security Colonel Gudkov Gennady Vladimirovich quite often appeared in various talk shows on a television screen. His point of view is always different originality, he confidently defended it for many years. Many rumors exist about his business activities. Gennady Gudkov - State Duma deputy: biography, wife Gudkov's birthplace was Kolomna near Moscow, where he was born on August 15, 1956

Nikolay Lyubimov: photo and biography of the governor of the Ryazan region

It is not easy to manage any of the regions of Russia, which requires the official not only to have a good education, but also certain strong-willed qualities that allow the official to fully perform their functional duties. Fortunately, there are people in the Russian Federation who optimally combine a high level of intellectual development and discipline

Yanukovych Biography - The Way to the President's Chair

The inconceivability of history appeared before us firsthand in early 2014. The legitimate President is sitting in another country, and the “putschists” rule Ukraine. Is this not a paradox? How did this happen, and what role did Viktor Yanukovych play in the events. Let's figure it out. Yanukovych Biography - Major Milestones Victor Fedorovich was brought up by his father. It

What is a referendum and when it is held

The most important issues that relate to the state or public life of a particular country can be submitted to a referendum. So called one of the methods of direct expression of the will of citizens, which is carried out in the form of a vote. True, the authorities do not always listen to the desire expressed by the people: the most vivid example in Russian history can be called a referendum, which was held in 1991

Biography of Dmitry Rogozin - a successful and intelligent politician

Dmitry O. Rogozin, whose biography will be described in this article, is a successful politician. However, this does not prevent him from being a diplomat, statesman and doctor of philosophical sciences. Biography of Dmitry Rogozin: childhood and youth The future politician was born on December 21 in 1963 in Moscow

US President Carter Jimmy: biography, photo

Politician Jimmy Carter made the career every American dreams of. He went from a simple farmer to the White House, remained in the history of the United States, but did not deserve the great love of the population, could not hold the presidency. However, Carter played a role in world history, and his life path deserves interest

Alexander Prokopiev: scandalous State Duma deputy

Alexander Prokopiev is a deputy with a very ambiguous reputation. On the one hand, his social projects are aimed at the development of education and patriotism in Russia. On the other hand, too close a relationship with the pharmaceutical corporation of the mother calls into question the transparency of the bills promoted by the young politician

Council on Foreign and Defense Policy: Principles and Forms of Activity

The huge social system of Russia includes various organizations. Among them, a special place is occupied by the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy. This structure is sometimes mentioned in the media. But more often its activity is unknown to a wide circle of viewers and readers. However, its importance should not be denied

Konstantin Kosachev: biography, career, photo

KI Kosachev heads the State Duma Committee on International Affairs. He is the Deputy Secretary in the General Council of United Russia. In the past, he was a deputy of the State Duma of the third convocation. Before that, Konstantin Kosachev was an advisor to the three Russian ministers for international affairs

Varshavsky Varshavsky: biography, personal life, entrepreneurial and political activities

Vadim Evgenievich Varshavsky, whose fortune is estimated at a rather substantial amount, is actively involved in political activities and is a member of the English club. From biography The birthplace of the future major Russian entrepreneur is the village Kedrovka (Kemerovo region), where he was born on 04/30/1961

Conservative party: leaders, program. Conservative parties of Russia of the early 20th century

In connection with the revolutionary events of 1905, about fifty political parties were formed in Russia, both local and large, with a network of cells throughout the country. They can be attributed to three areas - radical revolutionary-democratic, liberal-opposition and monarchist conservative parties of Russia

President of Chuvashia: biography and achievements

Nikolai Fedorov, President of Chuvashia in 1993-2010, became one of the most “long-lived” heads of regions in the modern history of Russia. He managed to find a common language both with his voters and with the central government, thanks to which he remained at his post for almost twenty years. During his time in power in Chuvashia, the current deputy chairman of the Federation Council managed to achieve some success, in particular, with him all regions of the republic were completely gasified, and the rate of housing construction increased. Pr

Viktor Chernomyrdin: a brief biography

Viktor Chernomyrdin is one of the most famous Russian political figures of the past. His name is known to all who found the restructuring. Moreover, many Russians remember him as a very gifted politician, capable of creating an unsurpassed aphorism with one simple phrase. So let's turn back and remember who Viktor Chernomyrdin was for us

Semi-Fascist, half-star - Naser Gamal Abdel

About him published a lot of books, and at least the same to be published. Nasser Gamal Abdel appeared in the history of Egypt at the right moment. The Arab world of the southern continent needed a leader who could lead the fight against the monarchy and the British colonists. Gamal Abdel Nasser - Hero of the Soviet Union

Anatoly Sobchak: biography and personal life

The politician and mayor of St. Petersburg Sobchak Anatoly Alexandrovich, whose cause of death still periodically becomes the topic of publications in the media, lived an eventful and vibrant life. He was an example of decency and political integrity, he had the unique ability to see the potential of people and contribute to its realization

Is it possible to send troops to Ukraine?

The situation in Ukraine continues to worsen. The farther, the more flammable the situation becomes. How will it all end? Will there be foreign intervention? There are different opinions. Some believe that the entry of troops into Ukraine is a foregone conclusion, others think that there is still a chance to save the situation on their own

Chizhov Sergey Viktorovich: photo, biography

A man named Sergei Chizhov Voronezh knows very well. First of all, according to the Chizhov Gallery, which had a tremendous impact on the development of the city and the whole region. In addition, Sergey Viktorovich has long held senior positions in local government and since 2007 he has been a deputy to the State Duma of Russia

What royal families look like in different countries of the world: 15 photos

The press does not disregard the British royal family. We know how they look, how they live and what they do. For example, who does not know that Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, is already waiting for the third child? And when she was pregnant with her first child, in the country they made bets on the floor and the name of the child

Why do people fight each other?

Why do people fight? Will the long-awaited peace and quiet come, or will our civilization destroy itself? Why do mercenaries and volunteers flow into Syria? They do not care for whom to fight, if only rather in battle. Why are Syrian militants increasingly seeking to destabilize the situation in the whole region

Political figure Heydar Aliyev: biography, peculiarities of activity and interesting facts

Heydar Alirza oglu Aliyev (born 10.05.23 in Nakhichevan, Azerbaijan - died 12/12/03 in Cleveland, USA) - Azerbaijani statesman who for 30 years was one of the most influential politicians in the country as deputy and chairman of the republican KGB, secretary of the republican Communist Party and the repressive and authoritarian president of independent Azerbaijan

Challenges of modern times, or how can national conflicts be prevented?

National and inter-ethnic conflicts are now becoming an increasingly serious threat to humanity. This is not an exaggeration. There are so many weapons in the world that, having flared up at one point on the planet, a fire can spread to all continents. How national conflicts can be prevented, now politicians and scientists are trying to understand

Shakhrai Sergey Mikhailovich: biography, career, activity

A prominent Russian politician and prominent statesman Shahray Sergey Mikhailovich comes from a clan of hereditary Terek Cossacks who settled on the banks of the Terek and faithfully served Russia from the 16th century. He was born on April 30, 1956 in Simferopol, in the family of a military pilot, after the accident and in view of the reduction of the armed forces he returned to his native stanitsa Soldatskaya and for a long time headed the collective farm

The structure of the political system

The political system works as a single whole due to the fact that the elements that make it constantly interact with each other. But at the same time, it is not simply their sum. The concept and structure of the political system are inseparable from the concept of the meaning of each individual element

Types of power content

The concept of "power" emerged with the birth of human society and accompanies the whole path of its development. This is an opportunity to guide the actions of other people, their activities. Sometimes power is imposing one’s own will. It can be based on various methods, including authoritarianism, violence, democracy, provocations, etc.

Kleptocracy is ... What is kleptocracy?

What is kleptocracy? This government, which is headed by fraudsters who came to power for personal enrichment. They are indifferent to the interests of the country and the people. They have one goal - to plunder as much as possible of public funds, which consist of the taxes of all residents. As a result, the life of every citizen becomes worse

Citizen political participation

Political participation is a rather complex and informative category. It implies, above all, the activity or inactivity of an individual or a collective in the life of a society. Political participation in a general sense is a group or private action aimed at influencing power, no matter what level it is

The concept, structure and functions of political elites

The concept and functions of the political elite proceed from the definition itself, which represents this component of political science as a certain social group that differs from the main body of human society. The term itself has been used since the 16th century. In France, the so-called people belonging to the highest caste and forming the so-called ruling stratum

Serbian Republic. State symbols of the Republika Srpska

The Serbian Republic is officially an integral part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Public education emerged in 1995 under the Dayton Agreement. The capital is considered Banja Luka. Two states should not be confused, since Serbia and the Republika Srpska are not the same. Although all these lands at one time were part of a unified Yugoslavia

Liberal conservatism: the concept, definition, main features and history of formation

Liberal conservatism includes a classic liberal view of minimal state intervention in the economy, according to which people should be free, participate in the market and receive wealth without government intervention. However, people cannot be completely autonomous in other areas of life, so liberal conservatives believe that a strong state is necessary to ensure the rule of law and the social institutions necessary to strengthen the sense of duty and responsibility to the nation

Photo and biography of Semen Semenchenko

The biography of Semen Semenchenko seems rather ambiguous. Some people consider him a hero of Ukraine, others - a swindler or even an extremist. Indeed, quite a lot of dark spots have Semen Semenchenko in his track record. The biography of this military, political and public figure of Ukraine will be the subject of our close study

North Korean Army: numbers and weapons

Any mention of North Korea is most indignant because of the particular way of life of its inhabitants. This is due to the propaganda of the regime in which they exist. Few people know about real life in this country, so it seems something creepy and unacceptable. Despite the peculiarities of the regime, the state is recognized in the world community and has both its own territory and the army, which is designed to protect it

Chernyshev Mikhail Anatolyevich: biography

Chernyshev Mikhail Anatolyevich - Russian politician, deputy of the faction "United Russia". Known for the fact that for 19 years he served as mayor of Rostov-on-Don. Today, he is one of the champions in terms of the length of stay in one government post. Chernyshev Mikhail Anatolyevich: a biography of his early years Mikhail Anatolyevich was born on March 6, 1948 in Rostov-on-Don

Political power is a specific type of government.

Political power is a concept, the meaning of which can be realized, having familiarized, first of all, with the meaning of power as a whole. The phenomenon of power is peculiar to each group of people, if they are united by a common goal and act in accordance with it. Thus, political power is only one of the types of government, and in total there are six: power in a clan, community or tribe; proper political (or state) power; power in the economy; the power of individual enterprises or associations; church government; parental authority

"Iblis State" - what is it? Laws of "Iblis State"

This is the way human psychology works, that without faith in supernatural events and higher powers, people cannot exist. Perhaps this comes from the fear of responsibility for one’s own life or from powerlessness over the power of natural elements. In antiquity, when man was close to nature, the cults of trees, stones, and atmospheric phenomena were popular.

Public authority: a mirror of welfare in the state

Public authority is such a special phenomenon that characterizes the relationship between people. This concept is significantly different from such forms of influence, such as oratorical talent or the “power” of an outstanding mind. In a coercive, domineering way, it is impossible to determine the desired behavior of any object, especially with the use of natural data or the value qualities of a phenomenon. Th

An extremist is a person without an internal guideline.

Terrorism is the main problem of all mankind in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Almost half of the world states are faced with this terrible misfortune, which overtakes absolutely all civilians: men, women, old people and children. An extremist is a person who has nothing sacred, who does not value human lives

Busygin Konstantin Dmitrievich - Head of Baikonur

Probably, there are few officials for whose appointment a joint decision of the two presidents is required. This is how Konstantin Dmitrievich Busygin was appointed to the post of head of Baikonur, a Kazakh city leased from the Russian Federation. Prior to that, he managed to work on "Izhmash" and Rosgranitsa

Is a nationalist a diagnosis?

The ideas of "freedom, equality and fraternity", alas, although officially stated in various program documents of international organizations and constitutions, nevertheless did not become convictions for all people. Probably never will - such is human nature. People tend to be or at least consider themselves better than others

How Americans relate to Russians: features, interesting facts

We all know that the attitude of Americans towards Russia and towards Russians is ambiguous. For some reason, some put the same attitude of Americans towards our country and towards individuals, situations and events, such as conflicts, crises, war, etc., but in the same series. But this is wrong. Often the media distort the situation, politicians and other public figures do the same

Evgeny Fedorov: biography, political activities, family and photo of the deputy

Evgeny Alekseevich Fedorov was born in Leningrad on May 11, 1963. He is currently a politician, a member of the State Duma Committee of the Russian Federation, as well as a member of the Central Political Council of United Russia, a coordinator of the National Liberation Movement. Education and military career After graduating from school, Evgeny Alekseevich takes a decision on admission to the higher military educational institution